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Ok Google Not Working | The Utlimate solution of How to Fix in 2019

Ok Google Not Working : Some times many people faces the problem that  Ok Google not Working . I am writting this article to teach  you how to fix your Ok Google Not working  . After reading this article your proble of Ok Google Not working will we fixed .

Google Assistant is very useful. I use it daily on a daily basis to confirm weather reports, receive daily summaries and follow my favorite sports team. Although I have not had any problem with the use of the Google Assistant in the past, I have complained to many people that it is not working properly. Most people complain that the assistant does not respond when they use the command "Ok Google". In this article we are going to find many solutions that can solve this problem. So, if Google is not working for you, how can you fix it:

We should have been assisted by Google Assistant to be present in our future Utopia, where we received our permanent support supporters in our pockets. But this is real life, not science fiction and sometimes good techniques just do not work. Some Android users have found that the feature has just repeated them repeatedly to the word "Ok Google" in a non-responsive phone, without undue dragging some strange visuals into the process.

Ok Google Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it

There are a number of reasons that "Ok Google" probably is not working on your Android device, which is why we are going to find many solutions for the same problem. To see if Google is not working on your problem, try the best of them on your device:

1. Retrain "Ok Google" Voice Model

One of the biggest culprits behind not working Google is that user who did not have the time to properly set up the voice command. If you have not properly trained your Google Voice voice, the Google helper may fail to recognize that you should take some time to rebuild your voice model

ok google not working

To re-learn your voice model, first, open the Google Assistant and tap on the top-right corner, then tap on three data menus and then tap Settings. Here, below the Assistant tab, scroll down to find the "Accessories Devices" menu and tap on your device.

ok google not working

Now, what you need to do, tap "Voice Model" -> "Improve Voice Model" and follow the steps to retrain your voice model to learn Google Helper
ok google not working

2. Clear the cache for Google Apps 1

Another thing you can do is a clear catch from the Google app so that it can get a fresh start. To do this, open the Settings app on your phone and then go to Apps -> Google

ok google not working

Now, tap "Storage" and clear the cache by tapping on the "Claire Cat" button. One thing to note is that the Settings app on your phone may be different from yours. Do not worry, the steps are the same
ok google not working

3. Reinstall the Google app

If the cache cleaning does not work for you, you may have to uninstall the application and then have to reset it to your device. The uninstallation process is very simple and I hope you do not know that it How to do it on your special Android device. If not, follow the steps below as they are universal and will work on any Android device.
ok google not working

First, open Play Store and then search for Google Tap on the results that appear in the picture and then tap on the "Uninstall" button. Now, restart your Android device and then repeat the process there is only one difference that you will tap on the "Install" button.

4. Check language settings

In some cases, the "Ok Google" command does not work on your device. To make sure you do not have a case, launch the Google app and then go to Other -> Settings -> Voice -> Languages and make sure your area is selected
ok google not working

5. Check Microphone

Because Ok Google depends on your phone's microphone, it's always good to see if it's a good working condition. Sometimes, to check a faulty microphone mic, open any recordings if this is not correct, this problem is possible with your mic and you should repair it.

6. Disable S Voice or Bixby if you have a Samsung

Although there is no clear reason, it seems that Google Assistant is always compatible with the Bixby (or older S Voice app) on Samsung Mobile if you have a Samsung with Boxbie or SMS and would like to use Google's Voice Assistant. To do this, your best bet is to be disabled, just search for the app icon for S Voice or Boxby and then select Long Press and Disable it.
Ok Google Not Working

7. Rule out all the simple fixes

This is making it clear, but the Google Wizard needs Wi-Fi or mobile data to work, so make sure your search is before making an effort. Also, and perhaps it is the oldest advice in the book, it never hurts to reboot fast - sometimes magic actually happens. And not least but not least, check to make sure that "Ok Google" search is actually launched. To do this, open the Google app and its main menu then go to Settings> Voice (search)> "voicemail" search. From here, toggle the feature
Ok Google Not Working

8. Check if you're not alone

I can feel good to know that when the problem is on Google's side, look for Twitter, Reddit and Google's support forum to see if other users are complaining that "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" voice search on their phone Has stopped working.

Sometimes the most common solution, precisely to correct Google search, to re-learn voice mail, is not working because options are grayed out. In this case, when you went to the options given below, You have to wait for a fix Be careful, Google does not always announce these files immediately, so keep an eye on online communities.
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