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Ok Google OK Google | Google Assistant | Features | How to use | All About

"Ok Google OK Google" is a word that you might say many times, that you can not think twice about it. which is searched by google twice " Ok google Ok google " . Besides making Uber a reminder and additionally, Google's Voice Assistant has added itself to our life.

 Here are the best commands to give to your Android phone. Make sure you learn how to use Ok Google  Estimate if you are unsure. Some Times people say many time "ok google ok google"

Which phones have Google Assistant (Ok Google Ok Google)?

Google Assistant has not been made in all Android phones, although many of the recent models are included. Fortunately, you can download it for any phone now. Get Android 5.0 Lollipop or After – Get It Free from Google Play
Google Assistant is also available on iOS 9.3 or later – grab it from the App Store

How to use Google Assistant (Ok Google Ok Google) ?

Google Helper is a new way to communicate with Google and is now with the Sow-up version of Google Now retired. This is just below the search engine and knowledge graph, but with a new interface
One of the main ideas to discuss is not that easy, but context is the key. For example, if you are talking to someone about a possible toy and you want to eat some food in advance, then it will know that they are different from how far they are.
The context goes as far as your screen, so try to swipe down the home button and swipe – you will get relevant information automatically.

You can use Google Assistant for all kinds of things, it goes even further, even if you can forget it
Some things like Siri (Apple version) You can ask for a joke, poems or even a Google helper for games. It will talk about the weather and what you are watching.
Regardless of the complexities available on YouTube, there is not all that so we have not been able to order tables or order an Ober Ride in a restaurant. It can sometimes be confusing at what you can do and can not do it, so try or ask ‘What can you do’?
Google Assistant is individual and will be more helpful if it knows about your office or which team helps you as it learns, it will be better than time.

OK Google, Call and Text

This is an easy way, if you are still using it, you should get started by the Google Wizard.
To start a call, call [contact] or call [business] to call if the name appears in your contact list, the app will call the call. If that person has more than one number, or if there are a lot of businesses that respond to the same name, then you’ll be the one you want to call.
On a similar note, you can also use the [Contact] command to start a text message. Not only this, you can notify a text message automatically.
For example, try saying the text [contact] Select the app that you want to send it to, if you want, you can edit the text as well.

OK Google Ok Google, Let’s Navigate

You may already know that you can ask Google for instructions anywhere. Lastly, Google Maps is an alternative navigation mode for many people, even when they are not on the Android. But do you know that you can ask more than just directions?
To get started, where can you use the command? And Google will highlight your location on the map, along with a final address.
You can use commands to navigate, navigate, and even get the keys. Then either give an accurate address or a stammer name and Google can know where to go. If there are many places of the same name, they will let you choose between them before you can switch to Google Maps for real directions.
Want to bite somewhere, ride somewhere, or use public transportation? no problem. A simple order such as walking directions or directions will take you to the right track. Orders such as the next bus, or train will bring helpful information along with the timetable, as well as bus or railway station instructions if necessary .
Some people also uses it to visit there home regularly by using the line Ok Google Take Me  Home
As a bonus, you can also use an address, name, or city order map to open Google Maps on that spot.
If it’s still not enough, then look at the hidden features of these great Google Maps

OK Google , Create Reminders and Events

To remind me to follow a sentence, Google will prepare your reminder, and ask you when you like it or you can set a reminder, and Google will ask you for the date and time.
After installing one, you can say that show me your reminder
Reminders can get even better if you use Geolocation. Trying to say something like a cat when I’m home, if Google does not know where it is, it can work with businesses. For example, remind me to buy eggs.
Setting events is the same. To create an event, create an event or create a calendar event, and show an event, day or date, and time. You can arrange a meeting to arrange meetings with a person, date, time and place.
The last thing in this category is setting the alarm. It is very easy to set this alarm and specify time and how long it is now. For example, set an alarm for three hours from now, or set an alarm for seven You can use any alarm app for this

OK Google, Translate

You will need to install the Google translation app for this task. If you do not have it yet, ask to install the Google Transfer app, along with a link to download the Google app, will open the installation instructions.
Once installed, such as Translate Spanish, or how you say in German, it will help Google to speak your translated idiom, relevant phrases and written words. Find out our summary of Google Transpose for more tricks

OK Google, Open an App or Website

Use Google to open a web page that you want to browse and start the app on your phone. Is it easier than taping an app icon? Perhaps But this is definitely more fun.
To open an app, name Open and the name of the app you want to launch. To go to a web page, go and give the URL to Google. For example, if you say go to, your browser will open on ok google ok google!
And for safe browsing on Android, check out these tricks and apps:

OK Google, Send an Email

Android can remind you to finish the job and add short notes to you, but do you know that Google Helper can also send all emails? You do not even have to launch your email app. It is true that I will not recommend using it for long emails, but if you are sending only one or two lines, that’s right.
If you want to keep it simple, write the name of the email or email and contact. This will start email, let you type it in itself. If you want to go out, say something like email mother’s theme Hello message I’m coming to see you soon
In the very same way, you can write Google+ posts by placing Google Plus as a post (if you actually use it).
More Google Assistant Commands
Who knows what Google will be capable of doing in the future? You can book a flight taxi or read your thoughts on Google.
If you can not wait until then, have you thought of changing Google Assist Voice Voice, or asking most Google Helpful questions?

What’s new in Google Assistant?

The ability to understand multiple users voices has recently been included in the Google Assistant, which primarily appeals to Google’s home users, but sometimes it is not easy to talk to the assistant, so you can call your request on the phone. You can also type
Google will also be able to work with Google Lines to communicate with the helper, for example translating foreign texts or saving events
Google Activities, which is a third-party application for the Google Assistant, will now also be available on the phone and Google Home. There are over 70 partners for Google’s assistant, support for transactions within the app with Google Now has been offered.

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