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The Google Assistant may be integrated with Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is one of Google's signature products for Android, many Android devices are already being loaded, and a favorite browser for many users. One of Google's recent signature products is another Google Assistant, Ai, and machine-training virtual assistant, which is intuitive to reference. The assistant has made its way across many Google products, and according to the recent code changes in the order, the assistant will still make its way to Google Chrome.

9 to 5 is a new code shown by Google that was marked as "for internal review", and a Google helper demonstration with reference to recommend an action and to automatically run it in Chrome for Android Has been revealed. The code has been drawn from then, but 9to 5Google has succeeded in securing a portion of the code:

public void triggerGoogleIOStuff(String message) {
    if (message.equals("Here we go") || message.equals("Ready to reserve?")) {
    } else if (message.equals("Filling in your details")) {
    } else {

Rather than being a fully functional, rollup-ready feature, a visual monkey of next-generation integration is seen. This key key will fulfill the presentation's needs, where there is only one small demo

According to the rest of the code, 9to5Google, Google Support will visit an upcoming trip to Chicago, and accordingly, will display a card from the Chrome helper. This card will provide travel booking tips from a popular website. If you would like to take action on the proposal, your travel details, such as travel dates and routes, will autofill on the website. The source also suggests that travel success will be possible from within the assistant.

Because Google I / O 2019 is still some time away, the demo can change its best, specific details. But the upcoming integration between Google Helper and Google Chrome is definitely something

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