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Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Samsung A50: Camera, Performance, Battery Life Comparison

Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Samsung A50: Camera, Performance, Battery Life Comparison :  If You Are Confused In Buying Redmi Note 7 Pro or Samsung A50 .  The AFter Reading this you Know Which one from Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Samsung A50 to Buy . Both Redmi Note 7 Pro and Samsung A50 ARe best At There own We are Comparing it on our own decisions

When we compared Redmi Note 7 Pro with Samsung Galaxy M30, it was revealed as a clean winner for most users. It offers a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 socket, all-day battery life, and the best camera. However, getting their hands on a Redeemee Note 7 Pro is too strict for the company's regular flash sale. Naturally, you can see another smartphone around the same price point, and a phone that will open in the list is Samsung Galaxy A50. Yes, this is more expensive than the Ready Note 7 Pro, but it is readily available and has a floating fingerprint scanner, which is not common at this price point. So, what choice should you make between the Negligent Redemption Note 7 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy A50? We check for head-to-head to find out

Ready Note 7 Pro Samsung A50 design

Although both smartphones are in almost the same fashions, their build quality is completely different. Let's first talk about the Samsung Galaxy A50, which thanks to its semi-modern Gray Bae, which is full of insensitivity. However, this looks like plastinion compared to the Redemption Note 7 Pro and Conferencing Gorilla Glass 5 panel.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A50 is a slimmer and rug two phones with tired bezels around its screen, and you'll immediately realize that the Samsung Galaxy A50 is also lightweight. Redeemable Note 7 Pro is formed and feels overwhelmed on the other side. Buttons placements are identical on both phones, and we both had to stretch the volume to reach the button. You will not be able to predict the thanks for their suppressing effect instead of the input on another phone

Both phones have water drops notice, but there is a small one on the Samsung Galaxy A50. Turn on the surrounding phone and you will be able to see Samsung Galaxy A50 and three camera setup while the Redeemable Note 7 Pro is a double camera setup. You will get a previously mounted fingerprint scanner on the Redeemable Note 7 Pro, while the Galaxy A50 uses an in-display fingerprint scanner.

GalaxyA50vsRedmiNote7ProBack3 Redmi Note 7 Pro vs. Samsung A50The Redeemable Note 7 Pro has another premium glass back, while the Samsung Galaxy A50 is the best style

Thankfully, both phones have modern USB Type-C ports and 3.5mm headphone jacks. Redeemable Note 7 Pro has little benefit in the form of an IRI amator, which can be used to control devices.

In the form of design we call tie between these two phones because the Samsung Galaxy A50 is the best style, while Ready Note 7 Pro uses the maximum premium content.

Redeemable Note 7 Pro vs. Samsung A50 Splash, Software, and Features

The touch sheets of these two devices tell how unique they are. Samsung's claimant, Galaxy A50, has a 6.4-inch super-Amoled screen with full-HD resolution and a display fingerprint scanner. The Redeemable Note 7 Pro has a 6.3-inch LTS in-cell display, which is a full-HD + resolution. It's good to see both screens but it's Samsung's Super MODD panel that produces better output of both.

When it comes to processors, each manufacturer has adopted a different method. Samsung has opted for its Xinos 9610 Octa-Core Association and has matched with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage. Another expensive variant is also available with 6 GB RAM, but the storage is the same. Samsung has kept the price of the lower version as Rs 5000. 19, 99 90, while the maximum cost will be for you. 22,990

Ziomai Qualcomm Snapdragon is the first manufacturer to offer 675 octa-core SoC, and this phone offers 4GB RAM including 64GB of storage. If you opt for a higher price, you get 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The price is more attractive than Samsung's choice, the value of the base variant will be 13,999, while a high-end one rupee will give you Rs. 2 lakhs. 16,999

GalaxyA50vsRedmiNote7ProPorts Redmi Information 7 Pro vs. Samsung A50

If you want to extend the storage, smartphones give you both an option to do this. The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a dedicated micro SDD card number that can be extended up to 512GB, but with Note 7 Pro, you get a hybrid slot that allows you to increase to 256GB, so you will be sacrificed a second SIM Need to do Both phones have 4000 MHh batteries, but the Galaxy A50 gets a 15-bit charger in the box while the Redeemable Note 7 Pro comes with a 10-in-one charger. Xiaomi offers offers for Qualcomm's immediate charge 4.0 technology but you have to buy a subsidiary separately.

Connectivity options on the Samsung Galaxy A50 include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, FM Radio, and 4G and Volt. Redemption Note 7 offers Pro Bluetooth 5, Dual Band Wi-Fi, Dual 4G and Voltage, and IR.

As a software, you both get the latest Android 9 on the new smartphones. Samsung covers one of its iOS tops, while Xiaomi has its own Maiyi 10. We have seen that Galaxy ARL Recently got the 2019 safety packet while the Redeemable Note 7 was on the pro-February patches.

Each UI has its own set of features, but we like the OneUI on the MIUI because it looks fresh and the stock is near the orroid. We got annoyed with spam notices on both smartphones, and were about to disable notifications and uninstall some apps.

How to Remove Ad from Your Xiaomi Phone

Redeemable Note 7 Pro vs. Samsung A50 Cameras, Performance, and Battery Life
Both phones are powerful to run everyday tasks without breaking sweat, we can easily multitask with the apps in the background and do not face any issue on any device. We found out that when both phones were easy to multitack, the Radio Note 7 Pro was shortly thereafter starting apps. You will notice only if you compare side-by-side to both.

The Samsung Galaxy A50's display fingerprint scanner will be a big draw for many people, but it is not quick to unlock the smartphone as a radio note 7 Pro and Capacitive sensor. We also tried to recognize the face, which is available on both phones, and it was found that both can be unlocked at the same speed.

Raw performance is a decisive factor for many people when buying a smartphone, so give the benchmark number to the conversation. In Anto Two, Samsung Galaxy A-50 managed to see 145,408 points, while Ready Note 7 Pro earned 178,570 points. After running Geekbank 4, the Galaxy A50 scored 1,719 in the single-core test and 5,586 in the multi-core test, whereas the Redeemer Note 7 Pro managed to manage 2,389 and 6, 593 respectively. Redeemable Note 7 Pro also performs well in graphic breaks with 41 faxes in the Gifax Bench and 15 fps in Manhattan 3.1. Samsung Galaxy A50 variant is 37 fps and 22 fax respectively.

We played Wipe mob mobile to watch our gaming performance on both phones. The Redeemer Note 7 pro slides faster than the Samsung Galaxy A50. With the graphics and high and frame rate for playing and balancing on both phones for 15 minutes, the battery level on Redemption Note 7 Pro dropped by 5 percent while the Samsung Galaxy A50's battery level dropped 4 percent. We also found that the Redeemer Note 7 was hotter than Pro Galaxy A50, which would allow Samsung's offer to make a better selection for extended sports sessions.

GalaxyA50vsRedmiNote7ProHandheld Redmi Notification 7 Pro vs. Samsung A50

Both smartphones have 4000 MHz batteries, and have lasted more than one day with regular use. In our HD Video Loop Test, the Samsung Galaxy A50 lasted 14 hours and 59 minutes, whereas the Redeemable Note 7 Pro lasted 19 hours 23 minutes. However, the global A50 bundle 15W was very quick to thank the charger, which is one of the 10 meters supplied by the ground.

The Redeemable Note 7 Pro has a WiFi / 1.79 aperture 48 megapixel main camera with a 5 mega pixel depth sensor. The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a trail camera setup that includes a 25-megapixel primary camera, which has an F / 1.7 splitter. An 8-megapixel ultra-wide-single camera with a view of F / 2.2 Aperture and 123 degree area; And a 5-megapixel depth sensor. For Cells, Redeemable Note 7 Pro has a 13-megapixel sensor whereas the Galaxy A50 has a 25-megapix sensor with a f / 2.0 aperture.

We saw multiple photos at different times in different lighting conditions with both phones at the same time, to see how they stack against each other. In daylight shots we noticed that the Ready Note 7 Pro handles better details and the objects on the distance Are sharp The Samsung Galaxy A50 is slightly longer, but the redeemer note organizes the best HDR to Pro 7 Pro. In addition, the Wide-Angle sensor on the Galaxy A50, provides an edge in the form of flexibility, especially when making Landscape's shotguns.

Both phones take good macros and save a lot of information, but we prefer the depth effect, which creates a Redeemable Note 7 Pro. The Samsung Galaxy A50 exhibits different types of fancy colors, which are trending, which some people prefer.

In low light, the Galaxy A50 creates a great picture, but at the expense of pulling out the highlights. Redeemable Note 7 Pro stores it a little better, but the images are Nosier. Samsung Galaxy A50 Redeemable Note takes less time than 7 Pro, which is for focusing in low light, but we have achieved its shot overall overall.

Using these two phones we have disabled some photos for their beautiful forums. The Samsung Galaxy A50 offers you the option to set the level of blurring while the readymade note 7 does not. Instead, the Zioemi Streaming Lifespan Prepress we have found that the Radomi Note 7 Pro is the best and gives better information than the Samsung Galaxy A50.

When it comes to selfies, we have noticed that the redignibles note 7 Pro does not always take color in the right way, but gets better information than the Samsung Galaxy A50, which makes it easier for soft security.

Video recording increases on Samsung Galaxy A50 and 1080p, while the readymade note 7 Pro 4 video can also be recorded at 1080p 60 files, which are both of the benefits. Both are smartphone stabilizers, which help in reducing noise

Above all, while the Samsung Galaxy A50 is a good, and useful, large-angle camera in HDS mode in some circumstances, Redemption Notes 7 boosts this understanding for your performance with Daylight Squash and Landpence, Megro Shots. Handles. Portrait, not to mention support for maximum resolution video recording.


These two smartphones are not exactly the same price range, as the Galaxy A50 Redmi Note 7 Pro and Premium Commander does. However, the Galaxy A50 is more than the Galaxy M30 with the modern Note 7 project, as we get when comparing them. Samsung offers a fabulous Möland Panel, a display fingerprint scanner, and its software is modern.

Redirectable Note 7 Pro has a more powerful processor and cameras that perform better in most views. If you choose this phone on Samsung Galaxy A50 (review) you will also save a few thousand rupees.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on a readymade note 7 Pro will not be easy as it is only available in limited quantity by the sale of the flash. If you do not want to struggle with such sales and you do not have any difficulty in paying premium, then Samsung Galaxy A50 will not disappoint you too.

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