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World Cup rain-related events: ICC does not make the reserve division possible for every match

There were rains in three games and the other was frightening, but the current World Cup seems a little bit below the weather, but the International Cricket Council says that what he can do to deal with the "most inefficient" cloud cover in the country,

Two Sri Lankan matches against Pakistan and Bangladesh in Bristol - any ball has been left without being spoken.

Between South Africa and the West Indies, the second game was closed in Southampton after 7.3 overs, with which a reserve day was sought.

The game between India and New Zealand is threatened with a cloud cover between India and New Zealand and this tournament does not have fifteen days, which starts from May 30 and ends on July 14.

The sports management body says that this could not possibly be possible for the long-scheduled date of the program.

ICC chief executive Dave Richardson said in a statement, "Fictoring in a reserve day for every match in the World Cup will be very effective in increasing the length of the tournament."

According to the Meteorological Department report, the United Kingdom is impacting the average rainfall in June by two times.

"This is a very delicate weather. In the past few days, we have gained more than double the average months of June, which is the third best month in the UK."

"The wicketkeeper from South Africa's former South Africa said that in June 2018 only 2 mm rain was received in June, but in the last 24 hours, there has been a fall of almost 100 million in the south-east of England.

He then clarified the effect of a reserve day on the tournament.

"Preparation for this pitch, Team Recovery and on the day of travel, availability of accommodation and place, availability of tournaments, volunteer and match officials, broadcasting ligistics and very importantly will affect the audience, which at some occasions will be hours of play Travel.

Richardson said, "There is no guarantee that the reserve day will be free of rain."

The team list can have an impact on the team's position with the abandoned matches of the tournament.

But when there is a reserve day for each match, there will be significant increase in existing 1200 employees per game.

"We have reserve days for knock-out rounds, because we know that during the 45 group games we should play a large number of games.

"When match is affected by weather conditions, the team team works closely with match officials and ground staff to ensure that we have a good chance to play cricket, even if it is a less over game."

New Zealand fast bowler Lally Ferguson asked when asked about the rain-affected games, "We want to play for two points.

For Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodes, the clutches of Sri Lanka's match were closed because they had the real prospect of winning against the under-precedes former former champions.

"Very frustrating. We actually targeted such a game on two points, and I know that Sri Lanka fought with great difficulty and there was no push, but we see it losing one point, and It's frustrating, but in fact, can we do something about it? Certainly not, "said Rods.

But South Africa captain Faf du Plessis is not complaining after the match against the West Indies because he helped his team earn points in the points table.

"This horse is out of the shade if it's the right word ... In addition, the game is also close to a T20 match, which is already two times,

Du Plessis said after leaving the match, Du Plessis said, "As soon as you get there a little later in the day, you'll get the point."

Former Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq said in Karachi that it is one of the world's solutions to find a solution. Misbah said that he could understand the problems presented by the ICC in a big event.

"... There is a need to do something to make the World Cup balanced for every team, this is a tournament every four years, and it will be ashamed if the chances of competition are due to bad weather."

"... every team should get an opportunity to play a full game and try to get the full points," he added.

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