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Ishq Mein Marjawan written update June 25, 2019: Ranjit is the Boss

In the latest episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan, we see how after a lot of speculation Aarohi and Deep devise a plan to find out who boss is.

Ishq Mein Marjawan written update June 25, 2019: Ranjit is the Boss

The episode starts with AJ asking Trivedi who boss is. He says he will get killed if he revealed his name. Ranjit says that they can kill him too if he doesn't say the name. Trivedi says since he is the only one who knows the name they won't kill him. Ranjit punches him unconscious. He tells that we have stop him from running. Aarohi's father says that they cannot keep doubting each other. Aarohi gets tea for everyone. Randhir says they won't have as Boss could have mixed poison in it. He says Deep can have it since he is the Boss.
Aarohi's father get a call and he says it is a wrong number. Wasu and Aarohi want to go to the kitchen. Deep says that no one should go until they find out who boss is. Aarohi wonders who boss is. Deep assures her that they will find Boss. Aarohi's father is going somewhere when he is stopped by Randhir. He asks him what is in the bag. Randhir says that no one will go anywhere until they find out who boss is. Deep tells Aarohi that they have to be careful and keep no secret with each other.
She tells him that Ranjit is a CBI officer and is working with her. Deep laughs it off. They hear a gun shot. Ranjit and Randhir are fighting. Randhir tells them that he heard Ranjit speaking to someone. He finds the crime record in his room and calls Ranjit a fraud. Wasu says that she has the real file and the one Randhir found out is a fake one. Ranjit says that he accuses a CBI officer and that he will get him fired. Wasu wants everyone to leave the room in order to avoid drama. Deep shows a map to Aarohi that Trivedi gave. Aarohi and Deep make a plan to make Trivedi run away. He runs and goes to Boss. They are shocked to find out that Ranjit is the boss

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