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Kumkum Bhagya Preview June 24, 2019 : Pragya tries to save the CM by putting a warning letter in her file

Kumkum Bhagya Preview June 21, 2019  In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi is teased by the goons and politician Rohit, which makes him angry. Abhi hits Rohit and tells him he won’t be able to do anything as the police would get to know. The politician asks his goons to take Prachi to a different room. Both Abhi and Prachi feel helpless.

Ranbir looks for Prachi at the event. He tricks the security and enters the restricted area. He shouts Prachi’s name and she calls him back. Ranbir enters the room where Prachi is tied. He is shocked and then hit by the goons. He falls unconscious on the ground. Meanwhile, Rohit asks Pragya to be prepared to shoot CM Vasudha as soon as she arrives to deliver her speech on stage.

Pragya feels helpless. She tells Rohit she is hungry. He orders the waiter to get something for her and assigns a woman to look after Pragya. Rohit goes to a room and picks up the CM’s file. He rejoices over his becoming a CM soon. The goons come to his room and inform him that even Ranbir knows their secret now. Rohit asks them to kill everyone.

Before the waiter arrives, Pragya gets under the table in order to pick up the gun she had deliberately thrown inside. She writes a letter on the paper and then puts it on the waiter’s tray. She signs him. However, he fails to catch the hint. Pragya is left with no option but to pick the paper and hand it over to the CM herself.

The event begins. Pragya cleverly manages to put the paper inside the file. She prays that Vasudha reads it before beginning her speech. Meanwhile, Ranbir blames Prachi for landing him in trouble. Prachi then reveals that the CM’s life is in danger and her own team is going to kill her. Ranbir is sure that they will be killed, too, after Pragya shoots the CM. He tells Prachi they need to free themselves. Abhi too tries to break the rope with which he is tied.

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