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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 June 2019 : Written Update: Kairav’s goes missing

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai June 24, 2019 Written Update: Kairav’s goes missing

In the last episode, we see how Kairav is teased by his classmate. Later, Naira plans a surprise for him while the latter pleads with Kartik to participate in a special event on Father's Day. Kairav tricks the Father and the security to escape from his school and go to Udaipur to bring his father back. He decided to inform his father before he leaves for Udaipur but plan otherwise. Kairav hires an auto rickshaw and tells him to take him to the bus stand. The rickshaw driver leaves Kairav to the bus stop and Kairav follows the instructions that he had got from Naira few days back, of how to travel in a bus.
Kartik repeatedly calls Kairav, who misses his call as he was busy in taking the ticket for Udaipur. While at the ticket counter, a ticket falls from the counter and Kairav picks the ticket, considering it to be Udaipur’s ticket. He locates the bus which would take him to Udaipur and before boarding the bus, he informs Kartik about his trip to Udaipur. Kartik gets panicked at the thought of Kairav coming to meet him alone and just when he was about to stop him from boarding the bus, Kartik’s phone gets switched off. Kairav lines up for boarding the bus but the conductor stops him and tells him to go home. A man standing nearby had evil intentions and assures Kairav that he would help him reach Udaipur to his father. Here, D’souza comes to Naira’s house and informs Naira that Kairav had his phone with him and that he wanted his phone back.
Naira tells D’souza that Kairav did not have his phone but D’souza insisted on her checking Kairav’s bag. In the meantime, Vansh comes to Saarthak and requested him to come to his school on occasion of the father’s day. Saarthak denied to come to his school as he had an important meeting in Delhi. Kartik hears Vansh’s plea and offers to go to Delhi for the meeting Saarthak was supposed to go while Saarthak could attend Vansh’s school’s father day’s celebration. Naira also reaches to Kairav’s school and waited to him to come out so that she could surprise him by playing the football match, however, Kairav was at the bus stop, ready to board the bus.

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