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Kundali Bhagya July 8, 2019 written update: Sherlyn gets furious

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, we see how Sarla makes her decision known to Prithvi and his family. Later, Sherlyn hears Prithvi’s mother’s thoughts and gets furious.
Kundali Bhagya July 8, 2019 written update: Sherlyn gets furious
In the last episode, Sarla stops the conversation with Janki and refuses to meet Karan or accept him as Preeta's match. Srishti manages to convince Preeta to reject Prithvi's marriage proposal. Sarla accepts the offer and assures Prithvi and his family that she was ready to get Preeta married to him. Prithvi gets happy to see Sarla support his decision and thanked her. Later, Prithvi and his family were celebrating; just when Prithvi’s mother tells everyone how happy, she was to have Preeta as her daughter-in-law.
Here, Mahesh comes to the detective’s office and asks them where the thief was. He gets annoyed to know that the detective company had kidnapped him. Mahesh confronted Raj and asks him what he knew about Sherlyn. He threatened Raj to tell the truth and reveal what Sherlyn was hiding from everyone. Raj gets caught in his own words and thinks whether or not he should tell Mahesh everything. Mahesh assures Raj that he would give him all the money that he desired and that he would send him out of India, if he wanted to settle somewhere else.
Meanwhile, Chachi comes back to the Luthra house and greets Sherlyn as soon as she entered. Kritika gets shocked to see Chachi behave sweetly with Sherlyn and leaves them alone. Chachi tells Sherlyn to bring her luggage to her room and mocks her of being three months pregnant. Chachi decides to reveal the truth of Sherlyn’s pregnancy in front of the Luhtras and not be tricked by her this time. Chachi comes to Karan’s room, finds a torn picture of Karan and Preeta, and wondered who had torn the picture. Just then, Karan comes in the room and Chachi asks Karan whether or not he and Preeta had fought. Karan tells Chachi that he had no hots for Preeta and expresses his annoyance towards her. Chachi understood that Karan was angry on Preeta and tried to explain Karan that Preeta was a nice girl and that he shouldn’t be angry on her.
While Prithvi was celebrating with his family, he gets a call from Sherlyn. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that Sarla had agreed to get Preeta married to him within the next three days. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that once he gets married to Preeta, they could start seeking revenge from both, Preeta and Rishabh. Just then, Prithvi’s mother comes and tells Prithvi how happy she was that he was out from Sherlyn’s trap and was marrying Preeta. Sherlyn gets furious to listen to her confession and tells Prithvi not to bring his mother in front of her ever.

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