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Nz vs eng : Kiwi Cricket fanatic dilemma over World Cup finals

The untimely success of New Zealand in the Wellington World Cup has become a dilemma in front of her fans because the sports bar around the country did not realize that her team would be in the final. New Zealand, which takes place in England, takes place until midnight. Many believed that their team would be defeated by India in the semi-finals.

A Wellington City Council spokesman said, "The license to serve alcohol by late night gets in 20 days. No one would have thought that if we play the final, no one will ask for it. The match will begin on Sunday at 9.30 and run till 5.30 in the morning.

The sports bar has got the license from four o'clock in the morning, so fans will either watch the match at home or after four o'clock in the bar without liquor. No fan zone has been built in the city.

WC: Alex Alastair Cook's Injury Heart Wins

WC: चोटिल एलेक्स कैरी की साहसिक पारी ने जीता दिल

यूं हुए चोटिल

बैंडेज के बाद फिर तैनाते हुए मोर्चे पर

बेखौफ कैरी, आई कुंबले की याद
खेली 46 रनों की अहम पारी

It is notable that the Kiwi team surprised the Cricket World by defeating Team India by 18 runs in the semi-finals. On the first day in the semi-final was rain, after which the match was completed in reserve day. Seeing the batting lineup of the Indian team, it seemed as if he would get the goal of 240 runs, but this did not happen. Team India got all out on 221 runs

WC: That 4 Moment, which broke the dream of Team India

WC: वो 4 मोमेंट, जिसने तोड़ दिया टीम इंडिया का सपना

भारतीय टॉप-3 का जल्दी जाना

पंत-पंड्या के खराब शॉट्स

जडेजा का विकेट

...और गप्टिल का मैजिकल थ्रो

The Indian team's title dream broke after losing the New Zealand in the ICC World Cup semi-finals. He had to face defeat by 18 runs. The heart of the crores of fans of Team India also broke up with this. When the Kiwi team scored 239, it seemed India would make it very easily and qualify for the final, but Kiwi bowlers overhauled the game in the opening 45 minutes. Let's know about the turning point of the match ..

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