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A THings you have to know about car insurance

By purchasing a car insurance policy, you can also protect yourself financially. Keeping in mind the rate of entry of new vehicles on the Indian roads on a daily basis, car insurance policies are important because there are many driving risks in the country. Here are five ways you can protect yourself from car insurance:

Car Insurance in India

Disadvantages: It is expensive to buy and maintain cars, and repair them if they meet with accidents, it can also be an expensive matter. The last one of the third parties is another vehicle that is hit by your car, or your vehicle is moving on a wall, or trying to avoid your pile. Can you earn a significant amount? Having a car insurance policy ensures that your company is losing money
Lower responsibility: In India, insurance of the third party car is necessary. This policy will cover the cover against the legal liability of an accident such as if you contaminate your car in a third party property, insurance will take care of the legal effects, as well as the cost of damage repair. In the same way, the legal and financial effects of injuring a person will also be covered by your car insurance policy, thus increasing your liability to a significant extent.
Hospital Charges: While some accidents are not mild, there are a few drivers and travelers who are more tight than just minor scratches and deductions. There are times when people have fractures or other serious injuries that require hospitalization. The cost of medical and hospital admissions in India is increasing, with a car insurance policy to ensure that you are not like a hole in your pocket. The insurance policy will take care of these expenses and will reduce your financial obligations.
Compensation for the family: The worst case scenario of the car is that it is an accident. If you are the only family member of your family, it can be very difficult for you to be absent for your spouse and children. A car insurance policy will pay for your family expenses, such as funeral expenses.
Low cost for online purchases: Buying a car insurance policy online can be cheaper because premiums are often lower. The reason for this is that when a transaction is done online, the operating costs for the insurance company are low. There are no commission to pay, so the insurance company passes on profits. Renewing your policy is also costly and hassle-free besides being cost-effective

Have you ever thought of - What is motor insurance? If so, then you have the right place

Even if you do not have it and you have a car, reading this article will help you as a car.

In this day and age, the car is considered to be an important means of transportation for people living in urban and rural areas. Hands down, breaking the car is not easy.

Now, some people might think that it is incomplete to go, and here's why:

Distance-A bicycle is considered preferred mode. For a long distance, coming in on the car is a safe choice

Weather Conditions- A cyclist / pylon rider will not stop against harsh weather, which may grow warmer or gradually, on the other hand, in a car, drivers / passengers are kept against weather conditions.

When your car protects you from such extreme weather, you need to protect your car from many dangers.

Do you know why?

It caters to your legal obligation to purchase compulsory car insurance in India.

What is Motor Insurance?

Let's understand what the car insurance is:

A car insures the ownership of the financial loss (owner) covered by the insurance policy due to the loss / theft of the insured vehicle (as per the applicable terms and conditions).

Why Should You Buy Car Insurance In India?
By law, car owners should purchase car insurance for their vehicles, because of injuries or injuries to third parties / property, the car's insurance is the legal responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.

Types of Car Insurance
In India, two types of car insurance plans are presented:

Third party insurance: Third party insurance is a basic vehicle insurance that complies with the applicable terms and conditions, due to physical injury / damage or damage to insurance vehicle by any third party's vehicle / property. .
Comprehensive Insurance - Provides Proper, Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance Policies, Comprehensive Insurance Coverage with Your Name, Includes Responsibilities for Third Party
A comprehensive insurance policy is optional; Third party vehicle insurance policy is mandatory

Note - The policyholder can choose an additional rider and receive customized insurance coverage.

Car Insurance Add-ons
If a stacked car insurance does not cover your expectation of insurance, you can choose car insurance add-ons for car insurance providers. The car offered will increase insurance and meet your personal insurance expectations.

Car insurance add-ons are also called car insurance sliders or car insurance.

Whereas add-ons come to the nominee premium, they increase coverage of insurance coverage according to the insurance cover. Keep in mind that these extra riders are usually given for cars that are not older than 5 years.

Below are some car insurance add-ons:

Adjustment reduction cover - As the age of the vehicle, its value decreases when a policy holder makes a claim (according to the applicable terms and conditions), after processing the applicable limit it is processed. If the policyholder chooses to cover insolvency, there is no subtraction
If the safety cover of the engine is damaged by the engine, then the cost of the repair / repairs will be covered by the insurance provider.
Come back to the invoice cover - In the case of a total loss, insurance protection is a cover for the actual cost of the insured car.
NCB Security cover - If the policyholder offers a claim in the policy year, then they are not entitled to choose this cover, if a claim is made, then the claim does not help the policyholder to qualify for the bonus.

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