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When is jeddah tower going to be finished

The race to the top has just begun, with two rising mega-towers in the Middle East battling to become the world's tallest.

Construction on a tower at Dubai Creek Harbor has just begun, a major waterfront development, which begins in October this year before the Dubai Expo 2020 World Fair.

In place of the cloud, SK Tower, the world's tallest tower, at 3,045 ft (928 m), aims to achieve the title of 2,723 ft (830 m) of Burj Elias, even in Dubai. Is from.

But it was competition. Saudi Arabia's Jeddah tower is also set to be completed in 2020.

Upon completion, this shiny vertical will be 236 feet (72 meters) longer than Dubai.

If the Tower of Dubai wants the title of the world, even for a short time, it will have to open its doors in front of the Jeddah Tower.

Ready, stable, go!
Both of these towers are excellent in modern engineering.

The tower is being built by Imam in Dubai, it is also behind the tower Elijah, and will anchor Dubai Creek development, serving developers - as a magnet for tourists.

Designed by Swiss-Spanish architect Santiago Caltarva Wall, it will offer the Pink Room - an overview of Emirates 360-degree views and public-garden gardens, while an 18- to 20-story home, restaurant and restaurant restaurant. Will do. There are boutique hotels.

When is jeddah tower going to be finished

If the building runs efficiently, this billion 1 billion tower will be completed in just three years.

Saudi Arabia's Jeddah tower will take a little more time.

The construction of this beautiful arrow toward the sky began on April 1, 2013, and was originally planned to be completed in 2018, but its opening date has already been covered twice.

According to the Gazette of breathless concrete, it will need approximately 5.7 million square feet of concrete and 80,000 tons of steel.

This $ 1.23 billion construction project, however, already has 212 remaining on 40-floor land, which is undoubtedly far from the Dubai Tower.

According to Jason Gabel, the Commission's Navigation Manager for the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBHH), thinking that Dubai can get in the first place is not that far-fetched.

"The Dubai project is an observation tower, and will not require a full-blown skyscraper with lead time," Gable told CNN. "It is likely to be completed by 2020."

Because less than 50% of the tower's height is in a usable floor area, it has been defined by the CTBH as an "assisted tower" rather than a "building."

This technology prevents the tower from being proud of being the tallest building in the world. Instead, it will be the tallest man-made structure or tower in the world, until the Jeddah Tower is completed.

The power of a sky

At 656 feet (200 meters) tall and over 65 heights, Dubai has become synonymous with future springs, and is gaining prominence in the Middle East.

"Historically, no Middle Eastern country has come close to producing specs at the rate and height of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but Qatar, Israel and Saudi Arabia have pockets of high growth," he said. "The competitive situation we see now between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is very unique," says Gable.

Dubai Highlights began in 1979 with the 39-storey Dubai World Trade Center. It was the city's first high rise, and the tallest building in the Middle East.

Later famous buildings, such as the Burj Elias and Burj Al-Arab, gave Dubai a global look.

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